Saturday, January 10, 2009

What I've Been Up To

This scarf is in a plain knit stitch using 67% wool/33% rayon from bamboo blend in gorgeous turquoise, green and purple.

This knit and purl stitched baby blanket is me channeling my mom. She knit baby blankets for the NICU of her local hospital. Hers were much prettier, but she would have loved this bright yarn of 100% acrylic. I was so happy with how this turned out that I thought I might add it to my shop, but with the CPSIA passing and going into effect on February 10, I guess I won't be doing that.

The partial piece is the one I'm working on now. It's a wonderfully soft "Spa" yarn of 75% microdenier acrylic and 25% bamboo green sheen.

I always hated knitting when I was younger because I just didn't have the patience and would constantly drop stitches or somehow add them. I've gotten better. Probably has something to do with being much older and definitely more patient!

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