Friday, June 15, 2007


Our friend, Carol H. of Fiberlines, Retrothreads and Ambrosia Beads, has added tutorials to her blog and they are great! Her first one is for the chevron stitch, so go check it out here. Wonderful help and inspiration!

I have to say that the ladies of the Etsy Beadweaver group and the Etsy Beadweaver's Street Team are an amazing group of artists! I am so inspired by my fellow beadweavers that I wish I had about 36 hours in a day to just create! You can see links to all their shops on my sidebar or better yet, click on the above link for Etsy Beadweaver and see a sampling of all their shops. (OK, yes I'm on there too, but check everyone else out!) :)


retrothreads said...

That is so nice of you to write about my tutorials ! Thanks !

Anna said...

You're quite welcome, Carol! We have to help each other out whenever we can!